We are a locally owned, General Dentistry practice providing a comprehensive list of services for the entire family. We strive to offer our community a unique dental experience using lasers and the latest technological advancements available to us today. Educating our patients in a safe, warm environment about dentistry that is less invasive, less painful, and saves time with faster healing is our primary goal. Focusing every day on learning better, more modern ways to perform traditional dental procedures is critical to our team's mission and success.

Tennessee Centers for laser dentistry

When you hear the name Tennessee Centers for Laser Dentistry (TNCLD), you may think "specialty office." Actually though, the firm is a family, cosmetic and general practice that uses lasers and other technologies to provide a modern and much more pleasant dental experience.

"Listening to our patients' needs has always been a top priority for us," Dr. Edwards comments. "No hard sell here. We're just a team of professionals educating people on what their options are for getting healthy again. We realize that people have many good options in our community and that national, corporate dental offices are moving in, so we want to give our friends and neighbors a locally owned, hometown choice that offers a variety of services in a caring atmosphere."

For instance, in 2014, the practice was excited to welcome Dr. Ryan Torti, a Brentwood native and University of Tennessee graduate who has practiced in Middle Tennessee for several years. "Many of our patients wanted us to be more available, with early and late appointments. Dr. Torti helps us make that happen," says Dr. Edwards. "I am really excited to be back, close to home, and to serve in my own community," says Dr. Torti.

Along with expanded access, TNCLD is also adding to its comprehensive list of general and advanced dental procedures, which includes a full line of cosmetic services (veneers, bridges, KoR tooth whitening and minor orthodontics with Clear Correct), Lightwalker and Powerlase AT procedures that often eliminate the need for a drill and shot, CEREC one-appointment crowns, laser-assisted root canals and gum treatments with photon induced photoacoustic streaming (PIPS), implant restoration, dentures and regular dental cleanings. "We're really excited to be the first in the South to offer Nightlase and Smoothlase. With Nightlase, we can treat snoring, non-invasively and practically painlessly, with the laser and improve the quality of our patients' sleep at night," Dr. Edwards enthuses. "Smoothlase provides a dental, non-surgical alternative for facial rejuvenation by treating wrinkles around the mouth and lips. These treatments are both performed inside the mouth, with results lasting up to one year."

By being the first practice in the region to offer such state-of-the-art techniques and technnologies, the doctors and staff at TNCLD continue to elevate their patients' dental experience. As Dr. Edwards points out, "There simply aren't that many dental offices in the world that have the technologies, knowledge and skills that we do right here in Franklin."